Skunk in my back yard

Skunks, hedgehogs, foxes, bears, rabbits and daughters- Oh My!

Last night, my daughter hears a noise in the back yard. Hubby goes outside to investigate. Seconds later my children who are standing at the door come running inside to tell me that it is a skunk.

Lucky I have never been sprayed by a skunk and I did not want my husband to get sprayed either. Skunks only spray when they’re threatened. I wonder if spraying water on a garbage bag near the skunk would be cause enough for the skunk to feel threatened. Imagine my surprise (fear) when the children tell me that hubby dearest is spraying the skunk with water. (Ok he was not spraying the skunk. He was spraying near the skunk, because he thought it was a cat.) Once he saw it was a skunk he continued to spray because Mr. Skunk was running away. (About this time my daughter’s hysterical laughter set in.)

I ran to the door and informed him that if he got sprayed by Mr. Skunk he would be sleeping out doors. That of course brought my dear husband back into the house.

I think this was all a part of my daughter’s evil plot. You see she is grounded and a bit miserable these days. She sends dad out to investigate most likely knowing it was a skunk visiting our back yard and hoping that he would be sprayed. (Perhaps I should of titled this post a daughter’s revenge.)

On another note a hedgehog has taken up residence in our yard and a fox keeps visiting our area. We have a rabbit in our yard too, unless he/she gets eaten by the fox. ( I’m pretty sure the fox ate my neighbors pet bunny.)

Last week a black bear was sighted in the city. Thankfully we did not see him.

What’s living in your backyard?

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