My daughter turned 18 today

Today I am the Mother of an adult. My daughter celebrated her 18th birthday today. On July 5th, 1990 my beautiful daughter came into the world. Where do the years go? It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating sweet 16. Now already two years have past by.

I’ll never forget the day she came screaming into this world. ( Now somedays she just comes screaming into the house.) Overall, my labor for my daughter was a traumatic experience to go through. I had placental abruption which is where the placenta separates from the uterus. We both almost died. I’m so blessed to be alive today and am very thankful for my daughter.

I just couldn’t let this day pass by without wishing her a happy birthday on my blog. (Even though she has no time these days to read Mom’s blog)

Happy Birthday Princess ( That what’s her Dad has been calling her lately. The notorious teen “attitude” and all.)

Young adulthood is a time of great change. Not only change for her, but change for me too. I wish I could say that now she is an adult I could look forward to life without drama and attitude for a while, but that’s NOT going to happen. ( Some days I think I’m having a nervous breakdown. “Laugh”)

My son is 14 1/2 and my daughter ( whom I love dearly) still has a lot of growing up to do.

She’s 18 today! I know I said that, but geez, I feel old!

We had a nice dinner tonight and some cake. Now she’s out with her boyfriend and hopefully will be home on time for her curfew.

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