I won the lottery-National Postcode Lottery

What would you know I won the lottery. I don’t even remember entering. Today Mrs. Coordinator Kathy Vero sent me an email to inform me that I had won the star prize of $2,000,000.00 US. In order to claim my winnings I need to contact their branch office in the Netherlands with my full name, a copy of my passport and some other information. I better go now and contact them.

The researchers at McAfee are saying that the e-mail I received looks similar to the ‘419’ or Nigerian scam. What? This is a lottery scam? You mean I didn’t win the lottery?

Advice: add “ipwlottonl@yahoo.com.hk” to your scam email list. If you receive an email telling you that you’ve won a lottery, delete it and don’t even respond.

Be sure to check out “How to tell if you have received a lottery scam letter.”

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