Teen Dating Issues-Teens and Older Partners

I started to blog this yesterday, but it sat in my draft folder until I could finish it.

What are your thoughts on a 16 year-old girl dating a 36-year old man. I know that some of you are probably thinking the same thing I am. What kind of 36 year-old would date someone that young?

Does it matter what the age difference is in a relationship?

It is certainly different for a 16 year-old girl to be dating a 36 year-old man than it is for a 32 year-old woman to be dating a 52 year-old man. A 20 year age difference isn’t so bad when the two involved are adults.
My father was 18 years my mother’s elder. Both had experienced life and thus mature enough to enter a relationship together.

When a 16 year old girl dates a man 20 years her elder there is much more that we have to look at then simply an age gap. A teens’ life is just starting while a 30 + years olds’ life is in full swing. Many young girls, have a unique view on reality and an older man can seem very exciting when in reality it isn’t. While older guys can seem glamorous to a younger girl, these relationships can lead teenage girls into risky situations.

A 36 year-old man has had life experiences that a 16 year-old girl would not have even begin to experience. I would assume a man of 36 dating a girl of 16 is preying on a younger more naive person. The 36-year old man is not her peer, therefore she will be exposed to a more older lifestyle then she may be ready for.

What do you think about younger girls dating older guys? How would you feel about your teen dating someone older? Please share your opinions here on age differences in teen dating.

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