The 2008 Waterfront and Ethnic Festival

The annual Waterfront Ethnic Festival now in its 30th year started yesterday. We took my son and the little girl I provide respite care to see the annual Waterfront Parade (which sucked) and then we went to watch the fireworks. (They sucked too.) Today, hubby and I took her to the Waterfront Festival being helded at Zwicks Island. Cindy Cook (star of The Polka Dot Door and “Bear”) was there, but she was more interested in the Midway then Cindy Cook. (I use to watch Polka Dot Door when I was a kid.)

It was such a hot afternoon.

A couple of pictures from last nights parade.

home depot

The Home Depot Mascot rides in the parade.


A parade isn’t a parade without the Shriners.

On Thursday my daughter went to the waterfront warm up. She said that the “Ride All Day” Bracelets for $25 wasn’t worth it and the rides made her sick. She only stayed for a while and left. She also said the carnies were all perves. (That isn’t surprising. Not that I’m being judgmental, but I found most carnies to be perves.)

Canadian Idol Ryan Malcom and his band Low Level Flight will be playing tonight at 9:30. (Let’s hope the rain stop by then or those staying for the concert will be wet.)

My son went to see Ryan Malcolm\Low Level Flight at Christmas. It was an excellent concert. I love their new song turnaround.

Did I mention that the annual sidewalk sale that is part of the Waterfront Festival sucked too?

The Waterfront Festival itself was ok. The ethnic village offers food from around the world. I  found out today that I don’t like Vietnamese deep fried elephant ears.

Here are some pictures from the festival.


Toronto Argonauts Football Club

pony rides

Can you imagine childhood without getting a pony ride? (The ponies are from Tanglewood Farm and Equestrian Centre.)

birds of prey

A live exhibit of Birds of Prey. (The Centre for the Conservation of Specialized Species)

Admission to the Festival was free, but we still ended up spending money on rides, pony rides and food. (There is always a hidden cost.)

Plus we gave my son $35.00 to go to the festival with his friend.

And that’s my weekend so far. How is your weekend going? Anything fun going on?

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