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It’s never to late to start a blog. I thought it was pretty cool the first time I visited ‘GaryGay-Three Scores Plus Ten ‘blog. I was impressed that at the age of 71, Gary had started blogging. Each day he returns to his keyboard to blog. You could easily see that he has been bitten by the blogging bug.

Today, on BloggerTalk.net I learned of Olive Riley of South Wales, Australia, who died over the weekend at the age of 108. She was considered the world’s oldest blogger. Olive Riley began blogging in February 2007.

Olive and Gary are not the only older people that has been bitten by the blogging bug. I was unaware their was already a well-established elderblogger network of blogs. Older bloggers are staking a place in the blogosphere.

Ronni Bennett, a leader in the elder blogging community who started blogging in 2003 has an essay “Put it in Writing” where she says “Elderbloggers have an enormous store of knowledge. Stories of life events create a large pool of shared experience, learning and historical perspective.” I agree. Elderbloggers have much wit and wisdom to share. Ronni Bennett maintains a large blogroll of elderbloggers, all of whom are over age 50. (I never consider 50 as elderly.)

The Ageless Project is a website that lists blogs or websites of people in order of their birth year. I found a few elder bloggers on there.

Donald Crowdis is one of the last living survivors of the Halifax Explosion. At age 94 he writes a blog named Don To Earth. Don has not updated his blog since March 8th. In the last post on his blog, he says that family concerns have prevented him from updating his blog.

At 82, Millie Garfield is one of the Internet’s oldest bloggers. She blogs at My Mother’s Blog-by Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Ralph Leonard is 84. He has been blogging since 2005. He recently celebrate his 84th birthday and his 3rd year of blogging. Last Quarter – Game of Life

Judith Hertfordshire is 80. She’s a retired secretary from Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. She says that her blog “Not Dead Yet” is about leaving her footprints behind when she is gone. It’s also about finding out who she is now, even if it’s a different person each day.

Author of Dad’s Tomato Garden Journal, Ray White is 94 years old. He was Born September 2, 1913. Ray’s entry fourteen hundred and seventeen reminds us that “Time is so precious-do not waste it.”

An article published by the New York Times titled Elder Bloggers Stake their Claim stated “0.3 percent of blogs are run by people 50 or older, yet that’s still about 160,000 bloggers.”

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How many of you who visit my blog are over 50?

I’m glad to see older bloggers blogging and sharing their life story.

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