encirclemedia-unsolicited email

On Tuesday July 8th, I received an unsolicited email from Maggie O’Neal. The email stated a disclaimer that it was for the named person’s use only, but the email did not address me by my first name. Maggie works for enCircle Media. (Encirclemedia.com)

enCircle Media is an online media company founded in 2007. I sent an inquiry to enCircle Media asking if it was practice for their company to send spam.

Tieler Rollins, VP of Media Development for enCircle Media contacted me stating that his intern had been researching sites for possible advertising opportunities and that her email was a legitimate attempt to contact me through information found on my website.

I looked up her Ip in my domain stats and there was no sign of her ever accessing my site.

enCircle Media affiliate terms state “You cannot send Unsolicited Commercial Email” yet I received an unsolicited email from Maggie O’Neal of enCircle Media.

The best way to build trust between a business and a future customer is to be honest.

Has anyone received unsolicited spam email from enCircle Media?

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