Pee and Poo Dolls-Potty humor

Leave it to a designer in Switzerland to design a poo doll. I’m not talking Winnie the Pooh either. Now your child can have their very own pee and poo doll. These stuffed dolls shaped like a drop of urine and a little poop were originally a project by 22 year-old Emma Megitt for her Masters of Design Thesis at Göteborg University. These dolls are described as cute, cuddly and unique. Well they are definitely unique.

pee and poo

Don’t we normally discourage our toddler from playing with poo? Thankfully my children never played with their poo, but my friend’s son did some poo finger painting.

Pee and Poo are now icons of Emma Megitt’s clothing range. Along will the Pee and Poo dolls you can purchase Pee and Poo T-shirts and Pee and Poo underwear.. You can even purchase pee and poo temporary tattoos via the Pee and Poo online store. (They are currently sold out at the moment.)

Just what I want, a t-shirt with a picture of poo on it.

Do you think these Pee and Poo dolls will help a child with potty training?

You can purchase Pee and Poo in a set from Amazon. (Purchase Pee and Poo Plush Dolls )The product description says that it even makes a great gift for hard-to-please adults.

Hmm, I don’t want a pee or poo doll.

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