Mispronounced Words- Translation Tees

We are all guilty of mispronouncing a word from time to time. I was telling my son about the shocking Subway find where a Newyork magazine designer bit into his sub and found a knife sticking out. The little girl I provide respite care overheard the conversation and instead of saying “He noticed the knife, she said “He nudist.” (I don’t know if John is a nudist, but thankfully he found that knife. What a a frightening discovery.)

The mispronunciation of the word ‘notice’ reminded me of some words my daughter use to mispronounce. My daughter had a speech impediment when she was a young child and instead of saying horse she use to say ho. I recall, one time we were riding in the car with the minster from church and his wife. My daughter noticed some horses in the field. She said “Look Mommy – Ho.”

Translation Tees is a local mom-owned business that offers one-of-a-kind shirts for your little ones who have their own unique takes on common words. I would of never bought my daughter a shirt that said ho with a picture of a horse on it. (Maybe they should sell adult tees too.)

What are some of the funny pronunciations that your children have said or even yourself?

I think we all have a word or phrase that we mispronounce. espresso = ex presso, card shark instead of cardsharp,

I use to say badly harm instead of bodily harm and upsot stomach instead of upset.

People always mispronounce my last name.

How many words on this list of 100 most often mispronounced words have you mispronounced? I notice a few that I’m guilty of mispronouncing. I’m not even going to tell you how many.

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