Those embarassing moments- Chocolate Disaster

How does your child make money for the summer if they are too young for a tradition summer job?

Some children deliver papers, other children babysit and some children participate in fundraisers like chocolate bar sales. Yesterday, on the way to pick up my son from his summer job we made a stop at the new dollar store that opened up. On our way out of the store we noticed a young girl selling chocolate covered almonds. She was asking people coming in and out of the bank if they would like to buy a box. I watched numerous people decline.

Because, I’m a sucker for chocolate, and for helping out a child, I had my husband purchase a box. She was selling 2 boxes of the chocolate covered almonds for $5.00. Hubby bought two boxes and then we left to pick up my son. Hubby sat the box of chocolate covered almonds between his legs, so he could eat them while driving down the highway. Two must have fallen unnoticed.

To make a long story short when he got out of our vehicle the little girl I provide respite care to says ” Shawn what’s all over your pants.” Imagine wearing beige shorts and sitting in chocolate on a hot summer day. What a mess. I won’t say what it looked like, because I’m sure you can imagine. I wanted to take a photo of hubby’s shorts, because I told him that I was so going to blog this, but he declined to be photographed.

Lesson learned: Don’t eat chocolate covered almonds while driving.

Have you ever accidentally sat in something?

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