Blog absence and Spammers love me

I know I have been absent from my blog. It has been a crazy couple of days. Truth be told, I haven’t even had time to check my email until tonight. I received a lot of email in my absence. I watched the little outlook bar as it read downloading 1 of 791 emails. Spammers love me!

I thought to myself, I’m going to be here a while. Hubby dearest checked my spam folder on the server and I had 58000 spam emails sitting there. (Thankfully- he deleted those.)

I don’t want to purchase a fake watch. I do not have a penis that needs enlarging. I do not wish to purchase medication online. I don’t care if you are bored tonight. I don’t want to see your picture.

Someone sent me a strange email relating to my post ‘Pink Cigarettes‘ on They want to purchase 100pk or 200pk of Pink Elephants cigarettes from me. I don’t smoke and I don’t cell cigarettes.

I just wanted to let you all know that my blog entries may be few and far between this week, however I will get around to visiting you all when time allows. I have some things in my life that need my attention.

I get to go for a pelvic ultrasound and some blood work on Friday. I am not at all looking forward to it. Fun, fun!

Well- gotta run!

I’ll catch up with everyone soon.

Are you still here lurking?

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