Thrift stores and sweater shaving

What are the ods of finding an item that went missing years ago in a thrift store?

Many years ago I purchased a fabric shaver. I used it every time I folded laundry practically, because I always found a sweater that needed a quick shave. After all sweaters are high maintenance. There’s nothing worse than your favorite sweater having pilling. The fabric shaver made it so easy to de-pill a sweater.

Anyhow, we had a relative stay over at the house one time and they were the last to use the shaver. After that night, we never saw our lint shaver again.

Just the other day my husband and I was discussing how we missed the electric lint shaver that we use to own. We’ve thrown away so many sweaters over the years since our lint shaver went missing.

Tonight we stop into Value Village and what do we find? We find an electric lint shaver identical to the one that went missing. There was some red lint still left in the shaver. The last time that ours was used, it was used on a red sweater. It was like being reunited with an old friend.

We are now once again the proud owners of a lint shaver. The moment I brought it into the house my son began shaving some of his sweaters. They are now left looking brand spanking new. No more little fuzzies.

My life is so exciting. Is this what blogging has become? I’m now subjecting my readers to posts about dryer balls and lint shavers! I can’t believe you’re still here with me. Bless your hearts!

So, do you shave your sweater?

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