Life Without Cable TV

April 24-30 is the official TV Turn Off Week! I’ve been cable tv free for years now. I recently met a new friend. My husband and I had her and her husband over for a visit this evening. He could not believe that we did not have satalite or cable tv.

We cancled our satalite quite a few years ago now. Our reason was due to the sex that plague television programming.

Did you know that according to stastics that in a year, the average child spends 900 hours at school and 1023 hours in front of a television.

Cable television/ Satalite is something I have lived without for a long time now and I don’t miss it. I do miss the days when we had shows like Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, and The Brady Bunch. I would sooner purchase a box dvd set of Happy Days and watch that then get cable or satalite back.

Shawn misses his Tech Tv, which switched to g4techtv and I think is now off the air.

My son gets a few chanels on his tv in his room, but he spends most of his free time reading.

Do you have cable tv or satalite? If you do, how many hours do you think you spend watching TV a day?

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