Google Commemoration Day

Today is Google Commemoration day.

What is Google Commemoration Day?

Google commemorate day is Google’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Google

Being the avid Google user that I am, and a Blogger Blog Star I’m happy to wish the good people at Google a very happy birthday. (Google has over 19000 employees.) Google is 10 years old today. Don’t believe me? Google it! Sergey Brin and Larry Page co-founded Google in 1998. What would the internet be like without Google?

Last years statistics showed that Google processes 37.1 billion searches per month. Google offers a variety of services and tools besides web search. Just last week Google released the beta version of their very own browser, Google Chrome.

I use a few of Google’s services. Such as YouTube, Groups, Translate, News, Blogger, Blog search and Google Alerts.

What Google services do you use?

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