Puppy, School and Dirty Diapers

Sorry about the drama folks. Now on to more important things. My puppy is three weeks old today. We went out to see her on Friday. I thought I would show my readers a new photo. She looks less like a baby calf now.

As you see her eyes are open.

This was her when she was first born. Doesn’t she look like a baby cow?

I started a new babysitting job last week. I’m babysitting a ten month old.ย  So, in November I’ll be changing diapers and picking up puppy poop. I live such an exciting life.”Laugh”

School is going well. I passed my parenting class with a 98 %. I’m now in my second course. I’m taking English and have 16 lessons of this course left.

What’s new with all of you?

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