Strange search phrases- Google Anayltics

I was looking over Google Analytics today and once again I noticed a few odd-looking searches bringing visitors to my blog.

Here are just a few:

I attempted to answer them, because I’m nice like that.

I asked to see my boyfriends penis.
Shame on you.

How do I use a tampon?
Please see, A Guide to Using Your First Tampon.
How do I take care of my bruised toe?

Bathe your toe in some cool water.
Is it ever ok to masturbate

Yes, it is normal to masturbate.

My father is suing me

What did you do?

My neighbor is sexy

I sure am!

You are my number one

Gee thanks!

What age is too old to trick or treat?

14 is normally the cut off age.

When will it snow in Ontario?

Do I look like the weather man to you? It has already snowed in some parts of Central Ontario.

Why am I suddenly getting popups?

You most likely have spyware.

Will my doctor call me back?
Why don’t you call the doctor’s office and find out?

What do the people at Google think of the strange findings?

I don’t know! I never asked them.

What kind of unusual search terms are people using to find your blog?

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