Googletestad – A meaningless Keyword

The term “Googletestad” appears to be popular in both searches and results. According to Wikipedia, Googletestad appears to stand for Google’s Test Ad, which is used for live testing of Google’s AdWords and AdSense pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system.

In my opinion, this is an unusual keyword. But surprisingly and strangely enough, according to WordTracker free keyword selection tool, the word Googletestad resulted in 16011 searches. Wow!

Some Internet users believe that Googletestad might be an automated software that helps you improve your ranking for some keywords. But according to the software does not exist. No one knows for certain how the term Googletestad become so popular, but the truth is oddly enough Googletestad is a very popular keyword on search engines. I guess for now Googletestad will remain just one of those bizarre and unsolved mysteries.

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