Thoughts Las Vegas Vacation- I am Invited

I was invited to Vegas.

Regular readers of this blog will likely remember my October 18th post, where I offered my thoughts on Stupid me, rejoined the community after being invited back by a fellow member who told me that they were sorry to see me go. What a huge mistake rejoining was. I should have really learned the first time. Why I went back for more abuse I’ll never know. Tonight, I decided enough was enough already and I left for good.

Before leaving though, I needed to get some things off my chest. I wrote my favorite moderator “Wayne” a letter and left it on my blog at  “Thoughts”.

Oh, let me share the letter with you. (Before, you click on more allow me to apologize for some of the language in the post.)

Dear Wayne, I would like to thank you and your wife for your kind offer to pay my air travel expenses, so that I may come to Vegas where your wife plans to kick my ass. That was so very sweet and thoughtful of you.

(Click on image for full screen.)

I also want to thank you for all the sweet words of endearment that you said to me. What was it you called me? Now let me see if I can remember:

Wayne said “thats easy ..your a jerk..a pain in the ass …….. your the word I’m not allowed to use.. get the drift yet?

(Click on image for full screen.)

“Wayne says “ohhhh suck on it…your a lier………flat faced liar…….”

I’m sorry to disappoint you that I won’t be here anymore for you to follow around. You will have to find a new intelligent, outspoken woman to bully. As you requested, I have decided to leave you the fOh myck alone, so that you may use your moderating powers to bully the next unsuspecting member.

I’ll miss you dear

Sincerely, Rose 🙂

I should have left days ago after his first outburst. However the thoughts staff insured me that they had reprimanded him for his uncalled for comment.

“Reprimanded him my tush!”

It just continued and continued.

Well, I guess the admin of did not like my letter to his moderator. He banned me. I guess this means I won’t be going to Vegas? Shucks!

So, how was your week?

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