Bad at Directions – Joke is on me

My husband thinks he’s funny. Tonight we made a stop at a gas station in Shannonville. I had to really use the rest room. Hubby dearest pointed over to two doors at the gas station. He told me that the rest rooms were over there, to just go inside and ask the gas attendant for the key. I was uncomfortable using a gas station rest room, but he ensured me that he had used the rest rooms there before and that they were clean.

So, I got out of the van and went inside and asked for the key. The young attendant told me that I did not need the key that the bathroom was unlocked.

I went back outside and around to the two doors that my husband pointed out were the rest rooms. Neither of them said “men” or “women”, so I opened one of the large steal doors. To my shock it was the broom closet. The gas attendant came running outside and told me the rest room was in the corner store. I went into the corner store, called my hubby an idiot and relived my bladder.

Lesson learned today: Don’t always listen to your husband. He might have you taking a pee in a broom closet. Eek

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