Money Hungry Women- Strange Email

I received another strange email last week. This time it came through my feedback form at Today’s Woman Writing Community. Norman has a question for the staff at Today’s Woman. He wants to know:

” Why are most women money hungry sluts?”

I wonder if this is a trick question. I contacted Norman for comment on why he was asking the staff of a writing community this question, but there has been no reply. I’m assuming that he thought Today’s Woman was a woman’s network.

Anyhow, Norman obviously hasn’t found the right woman. Perhaps he just needs to change his dating habits.

I’m certainly not a money hungry slut. I really don’t think most women are. I certainly didn’t marry my husband for money. I enjoy shopping. What woman doesn’t? However, I know what I can afford and what I can’t.

My daughter isn’t money hungry either, considering most of the young men that she has been in relationships with were unemployed or lazy. “Insert laugh here.”

Your thoughts?

Do you think women are money hungry?

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