Youth Culture and Technology Addictions

I can’t speak on behalf of the entire youth population, but a large portion of today’s youth have completely been changed by today’s technology. Text messaging and social networking sites take up a large percentage of their free time. They no longer use a land-line phone. They use a cell phone. Instead of calling Mom and Dad on the phone where you hear their voice, they send a text message.

Yesterday, I was talking to my 18 year old daughter and I told her to check the mail. She replied asking me if I had sent her something. I told her that I meant ‘snail mail’ and her reply to me was that she had no idea what I was talking about. Once I told her that it was the stuff the postman brought she clued in.

Video game addiction among today’s youth is also on the rise. A report suggested that 8.5% of U.S youth gamers have been classified as clinically “addicted” to playing video games.

My friend’s 12 year old son is addicted to video games. His interests in all other activities has vanished. All he wants to do is stay home and play video games. He even wants to be a video game tester when he grows up.

Has technology addiction become a devastating problem?

Through the technology that we have at our disposal relationships have even taken on a new meaning too. When a relationship is over, it is ended in a text message. In my opinion that is rude. My daughter has been broken up with twice by text message and even drunked text for booty.

That’s correct! Sadly, some guys and girls even use text messaging to schedule their booty calls. A poll conducted by said that 17 percent use text messages to “arrange sex encounters.” That is just sad, but not surprising.

NBC reports: That through U.S. schools there is a problem with students sharing naked photos uploaded from phones. Teens send nude photos via cell phone. What are these teens thinking?

Are today’s youth obsessed with their cell phone? My daughter says that she can’t live without hers. In one month she spent $ 150.00 on prepaid cards.

So now that I’ve voiced my opinion on todays technology, feel free to reply and tell me what you think about these growing addictions and ways of communication.

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