WordPress 2.7 and my Cutline theme

My apologies for not posting in so long. Shawn updated my blog to WordPress 2.7 and my Cutline theme is not compatible.

If you dropped by last week you might have notice that comments were not showing.

Thankfully my darling hubby got those to work, but gravatars are still not showing.

Hopefully hubby will have time to fix that soon.

It was reported on the Cutline blog that they would be updating the Cutline theme to support the requirements of the new version of WordPress, but as to when, who knows.

Normally I don’t blog about WordPress updates, and my opinion of them. However after using this new version of WordPress, I can’t say that I really like it.

I’m hoping that WordPress 2.7 is one of those things that eventually grows on a person.

If you’re a WordPress user, how do you like WordPress 2.7?

If you’re not a WordPress user feel free to skip this post and go on to my next post.

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