Walmart Review- Japanese Wii Nightmare

Wal-Mart definitely needs to do something about their costumer service.

On Tuesday, Feb 10th hubby and I went to our local Walmart to purchase a Wii. It was the last one in the store. We brought it home and Shawn hooked it all up.

When we turned on the Wii we noticed it was in Japanese.

Shawn looked to see if he could change the language settings on the Wii, but there was no way to change it from Japanese to English.

Shawn immediately called Walmart and was told that they had received a shipment of Japanese Wii’s and that we must of got one.

They suggested that we bring it back to the store in the “Am” and they would refund our money and put us on the list for a new one.

When Shawn returned the Wii on Wednesday the assistant manager of Wamart said that there was no way that the Wii came from his store.

He accused Shawn of purchasing a Japanese Wii somewhere else and trying to return it to Walmart. (Like we just have a stock of Japanse Wii’s laying around our house. Give me a break will you.)

What terrible customer service.

Shawn was fuming. Even though Shawn had the original receipt and the Wii was just purchased the night before, he was hassled to no end about the return.

They called over a Customer Service Manager who finally agreed to refund the money for the Japanese Wii.

Shawn then went over to Toys R Us and purchased a Wii. This Wii is in English.

I still can’t get over the hassle they put us through just to return a faulty item.

Has anyone else had problems with Walmart?

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