Japanese Lucky Golden Poo

People believe a rabbit’s foot will bring good luck into ones life. When I was young I use to carry around a rabbit’s foot.

Today, I’m all grown up and what would you know the rabbit’s foot is a thing of the past. It’s 2009 and people have begun to carry around little tiny pieces of golden poop.

Leave it to me to blog about golden poop. Why not? I’ve blogged about the 18k gold plated vibrator, so why not golden poop.

the golden poo
The Lucky Golden Poop Charm is a popular sold item in Japan. Apparently in Japan poop is lucky, because the Japanese word for poop (unchi) is similar to the word for “good luck.”

The charm is called Kin no Unko (the golden poo) in Japanese.

Luck or no luck, I’m not about to purchase golden poop or even pink poop. (See my other blog post – Pink Poop – Pink Cell Phone Strap) in the hopes of a little good luck.

I’ll just wait for the wishbone from the turkey.

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