10 Cool Clocks – clock gadgets

This is the weekend that we set our clocks ahead an hour. In honor of Daylight Saving Time, I thought that I would blog about some of the cool gadget clocks that are out there.

The blender alarm clock Why not add this to your list of crazy clocks. The usb blender alarm clock looks like a blender. The clock is powered by USB port or battery and can be purchased online from brando.

Source [Gadgettastic]

Memory Game Alarm Clock

This reminds me of the game Simon. I’m not very good playing it awake. I can’t imagine playing it half asleep. Like the game Simon, once the alarm goes off you have to correctly remember the sequence of lights and press the buttons of the clock in the correct order to shut the alarm off. Um, yah right!

Via [UrbanTrend – Memory Game Alarm Clock]

view finder clock

Do you remember the old viewfinder? As a child I loved viewfinders. Take a trip back to your childhood with the Vintage Viewfinder Clock.

The clock is being sold for $145 on Uncommon Goods. Via Chip Chick.

Throw Alarm Clock
Who wouldn’t love an alarm clock you can throw? You can toss this electronic alarm clock to shut it off. ‘Throw’ Alarm Clocks are available as Football, Special Edition Silver Football, Golf Ball or Cricket Ball. Via zedomax.com

Purchase online at boysstuff.co.uk

rubics cube clock

Remember the 80’s rubic cube. The rubic cube clock forces you to solve the puzzle before the alarm stops. Requires one AA battery.

Via whatonearthcatalog.com

Discovery Channel Color-Changing Projection Clock

I absolutely love the “Color Changing Projection Clock.” “Pivot the lens in any direction to see the time projected in changing colors on your ceiling, wall or any other object.”

Water Powered Clock
The Water Powered Clock runs on- you guessed it water.

Via thinkgeek.com

Puzzle Alarm Clock

This clock is very similar to the toy my daughter had when she was a baby. With the Puzzle alarm clock you’ll have to put the blocks back into the correct holes before the clock stops beeping.

Via lazyboneuk.com

 Alarm w/ Bed Shaker

I can’t say that I would enjoy being shaken awake. The ClearSounds Wake and Shake Alarm Clock makes sure you’ll never wake up late. The vibrating pad is position under your pillow to give you a nudge.

Bendy the Clock Man
It’s a memo holder. It’s a magnet. It’s an alarm clock. With flexible arms and legs Bendy will sit anywhere.

Via pronto.com

Be sure to check out my post via mspink.net on Pink Clocks and don’t forget to set your clock one hour ahead before you go to bed tonight.

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