Vanity publishing- International Society of Photography

I enjoy taking photos. It’s not a profession that I would like to get into or anything. It’s more a less just a hobby of mine.

If you are an amateur photographer you have likely seen the following ad that reads:

“Free Photo Contest
Over 10, 000 in prices
Enter online now”

Inviting advertisement isn’t it? Who wouldn’t want the chance to win over 10,000 in prices.

The contest in sponsored by, which also operates under the names International Library of Photography, Circle of Photographs and a host of other names.

If you’ve entered any of your photo’s in the contest, I can almost guarantee that you’ve received a letter from the International Library of Photography ( stating that your photo was a finalist in their contest.

They’ve likely told you that regardless if you purchased a book, your photo will be published in an upcoming anthology.

The letter may even read something like this:

“Congratulations on your accomplishment (put your name in here.) Only a small percentage of individuals whose photos we have examined were selected to be part of this distinguished group of outstanding photographers.”

Shame! That’s not true at all

The truth is that everyone is a finalist in the contest and they will publish anything. They don’t look for quality, only quantity.

The International Library of Photography is a vanity publisher. “A vanity publisher is a publishing house that publishes books at the author’s expense.” Johnathon Clifford coined the term in 1959.

Normally when you contribute to a book you either get paid for your photo or you get complimentary copies of the book or magazine that you’re published in.

That is not the case with vanity publishers such as ‘The International Library of Photography.’

For a fee, they will include your photograph in a book. Now purchasing the book doesn’t necessary guarantee that you’ll receive the book.

Many amateur photographers have purchased a copy of the anthology that their photo was suppose to be in, yet haven’t received the book.

I have received complaint warnings about credit cards charged for books/awards never received.

Any attempts made by the customer to contact the company to inquire about their purchase fail.

Sadly, they’ve been doing this for years. A Google search for or any of the other names that the company operates under will pull up several warnings about the company and their contest.

They don’t only prey on photographers, but poets as well. (I speak from experience there.) It comes as no surprise that both and are registered to the same company. affiliated organizations are Arts and Kids, International Library of Photography, Circle of Photographers, International Society of Photography , International Library of Poetry, National Library of Poetry ,, Noble House Publishers, American Literary Press , International Society of Poets, International Poetry Hall of Fame, Watermark Press , Birthwrites, International Lib, Pegasus Press,
Circle of Photographs and a host of other names.

See warnings regarding this company at Today’s Woman Writers Warnings , Windpub ,, and

If you fell victim to this contest, you’re not alone.

My advice to you is not to waste your time and money on them. Before entering any photo or poetry contest, please do your homework.

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