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Global Vibration Inc- Marc Schneider

April 1st, 2009 by Rose DesRochers · 9 Comments

Spam from a PhD

I have received numerous unsolicited emails from a Dr. Marc Schneider PhD who apparently works for Global Vibration Inc. in Washington DC. He claims that my web site cannot be found on foreign search engines.

It seems that that I’m not the only who has been receiving unsolicited email from this company.

A client of Jill Olkoski forwarded Jill the email that she received from Dr. Marc Schneider. In the course of Jill’s investigation of Global Vibration Inc, she found some amazing things she wants to share with us. be sure to read “Charging $250 for a sitemap and other SEO things you should NOT be paying for.”

If you receive an email from this company, send it to your junk folder.

A little further investigating reviles the company also operate under the domain, Inc., and

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9 responses so far ↓

  • Beth
    Wrote: Apr 1, 2009 at 9:35 pm

    Geesh. We have to be so careful; everyone’s trying to make a buck.

  • Ching Ya
    Wrote: Apr 3, 2009 at 3:08 am

    Yeah, agree with Beth.
    Just yesterday I got a phone call claiming I got a free Installation of Satellite service etc.. bla bla bla.. but unable to provide any details when I asked some very simple questions. Scammers..

  • MeToo
    Wrote: Apr 3, 2009 at 6:39 pm

    Agreed! I got the spam letter too.

  • Bob
    Wrote: Apr 4, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    Cool, thanks for the heads up.

  • james
    Wrote: Aug 27, 2009 at 7:32 am

    I got the same email from the same guy.

    He sent a follow up email after I didnt respond to the first.

    very persistant spammer indeed!


    Rose DesRochers Reply:

    I continue to receive the emails and his follow up emails.

  • Julian
    Wrote: Dec 7, 2009 at 6:34 pm

    Don’t just send the e-mail to your junk folder…mark it as the SPAM that it is and have ALL future emails blocked. If enough people do this there is a good chance that his ISP will close his account.

    He sent me e-mail’s too.

  • Ernie Roach
    Wrote: Jun 29, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    If you/your company have/has a website chances are you have received first an email ( many actually – it´s called spam ) from in which Dr. Marc Schneider stated your website could not be found in foreign search engines and asked who in your company should he contact.

    Later his assistant, that was me, at least from july 2009 until late january 2010, who called you to setup a phone appointment with Schneider.

    Marc Schneider is a fake name used by Mathias Levarek who is not to be found at 1250 Connecticut Ave N.W. Suite 200 because this too is a fake address for his ghost company but real scam, you just need to drive out there to prove it.

    Mathias Levarek and Global vibration have the same address in the white pages, by the way, check your emails to confirm it´s the same address for Marc Schneider ( wow, 2 Ph.D´s now ).

    Mathias Levarek is aware I am revealing the truth about his scam so now he´s working some changes, instead of Marc Schneider you will find him signing his articles section on his website, but those who checked it before should remember they where signed by Marc Schneider but displayed the same face they do now for Levarek. He´s actually revamping all his records on the web to cover his tracks, hmm, more scams on the horizon.

    He´s starting out a spanish version of but instead of spamming he has ( promises propelled ) telemarketers calling deceivingly with lies to collect the name and email address of the manager in charge of the international clientele so they can spam the hell outta them later with the excuse this info was provided by someone in the company, usually the operator. Beware!!!! By the way, this emailing campaign will be signed by alejandro Torres ( name could have changed by now ) again a fake name for Fabian Medina, a new member of the scam family who lives in Palermo, down town Buenos Aires and not to be found, as he asures, at the same washington DC address that coincidentally also happens to be Levarek´s address.

    Beware, the cheat is a chameleon and always coming up with a new disguise.

    Neither the phone number (202) 250-3645 , or any other, ( 202-558-2504 ), ( 202-787-3989 ), is from Washinton DC, for it was a vonage – voip phone, That´s why it often provided a distorted connection, and I was calling from my garage in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where Mathias hires most of his staff, except for 1 guy in germany ( the computer expert ) and the spamming group in Lebanon ( which he is actually disbanding in due course with his revamping and new scam scenario).

    Neither is it true that he has offices in the 28 countrys for which he provides optimizations & translations, (*), etc.. for that case he considered my garage an office of his company and the family house in Hawaii the pacific branch. His flat in amsterdam is his european branch. Every thing related to him is a lie as you can well see.

    Truth is his former wife and current associate Sandra Levarek lives in Hawaii ( in former marital home ) managing accountings / tech work, and he spends most of the year in Amsterdam but, conveniently, never for too long at the same address. He´s actually in Hawaii soon to leave for Costa Rica if sticking to his schedule.

    The Fake will invite you ( with the references he sends ) to check their corporate profile with Dun & Bradstreet (DNB #798950270), where you will see that they assure they are the only SEO company in their line of industry grossing over $55 million annually. Truth is their so cheap that they don´t even pay for their traveling airfares.

    Sandra is a former air stewardess and as so manages to keep the hole family airborn thanks to free airplane tickets. Always on the move, always on the road but some how they manage to keep their money in the wallet and fingers in somebody else´s pocket.

    He hires labor hand and knowledge in countries like mine in disregard of american more expensive workers ( he wouldn´t get away without paying taxes or wages as he does here ). He´ll hire a worker and after the first month & a half will not pay that employee´s well earned salary stating that this was his training and way to obtain the job.

    The following month he will just pay half of the wages in the excuse that we had done a bad job, by this time we´re up to the neck in debts ( add the equipment we need to purchase at our own expense ). Finally you collect 1 full month and then again after 2 months he points out we did a bad job and out on to the street we go without a cent and last 2 months salary never to be collected ( cheating is his way of making money ).

    In the mean time he´s already hired your replacement ( and the replacements replacement ), with the same disregard and contemp he spares his customers. Often I learned he hadn´t called his appointments because he had already made enough sales and/or considered them low key. Of course, when he ran out of leads ( as he calls his potential victims ) he would re-establish contact again.

    He especially held in contemp Jews, Africans, Irish, eastern europeans and Australians saying they were cheap and always giving him the run around and being picky and hard to get them to close a deal.

    I know most customers get what they payed for ( meaning the utopic web entry pages only) but I´ve also had customers calling because they paid and never got what they bought.

    Ask for references and he´ll send you lots of references but will ask you not to call them, convenient, is it not?

    Many would be victims told me they had called the not to call references and had learned from them that it was a waste of money. Now that´s the real reason why he asks you not to call.

    What he sells is a fake too, he knows it and never ever gave anybody a guarantee on his work, sounds familiar?

    Customers who asked for a monetary fine clause contract agreement in case services rendered by mseo were not what they promised never ever hear of Marc Schneider again, convenient too. Simple, they can´t guarantee anything, it´s a scam. I have many cases to prove it.

    Let me tell you about Jackie´s experience ( I keep her data private ). She hired to create a spanish web entry page which was created, delivered, done and payed for. It was delivered to spanish search engines ( was it? ), some time later she received again an email ( from Schneider/Levarek ) stating that she was not showing up on the spanish search engines and that she should use his services ( again!! ).

    Puzzled? surprised? Jackie certainly was, and ripped-off too. I was handling incoming calls at the time and took her complaint and forwarded it to Schneider/ Levarek. Never heard/new he contacted her back or did anything about it. Slipped through the cracks as he is fond to say.

    Many of you asked how had Schneider got your info/email/website data, well, he bought the lists of info from hackers as he personally said to me once. Isn´t this illegal?

    Shouldn´t he be giving a real address and name? Is it not a felony to provide false information in the spirit of deceiving to obtain a benefit in the USA? Evading taxes by not having a physical presence or by hiring people abroad is not a felony either?

    Believe it or not law may be slow ( even unable ) to stop him unless we, the people, stand up, unite and ourselves put an end to it.

    Just for you to know the extent of this individuals low character, on Thursday 18th of march he personally called me at my home in Argentina to threaten me, saying he had hired people to kill me. Pathetic, grotesque, low and as stupid as only he can be. So much for a Ph.D. playing gangster.

  • DanF
    Wrote: Nov 10, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    Mathias Levarek is not only using the name Marc Schneider but now he’s got another (new?) alias: Martin Vermont, who also just happens to be a “Ph.D.”

    Here’s the contact information I’ve received from him:

    Marc Schneider, Ph.D.

    Martin Vermont Ph.D., Inc.
    Multilingual Search Engine Promotion Services since 1999.