Global Vibration Inc- Marc Schneider

Spam from a PhD

I have received numerous unsolicited emails from a Dr. Marc Schneider PhD who apparently works for Global Vibration Inc. in Washington DC. He claims that my web site cannot be found on foreign search engines.

It seems that that I’m not the only who has been receiving unsolicited email from this company.

A client of Jill Olkoski forwarded Jill the email that she received from Dr. Marc Schneider. In the course of Jill’s investigation of Global Vibration Inc, she found some amazing things she wants to share with us. be sure to read “Charging $250 for a sitemap and other SEO things you should NOT be paying for.”

If you receive an email from this company, send it to your junk folder.

A little further investigating reviles the company also operate under the domain, Inc., and

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