National Cleavage Day

Women have cleavage, we all know that. Do we really need a special day set aside to show off our cleavage? Today is “National Cleavage Day.” It is the day that we women are suppose to dress up and bare our cleavage.

“National Cleavage Day” originated in South Africa and is sponsored by Wonderbra. ( Paul Jacobson says “It is just an excuse for Wonderbra to sell more push-up bras.” Amen to that.)

Am I the only one who thinks “National Cleavage Day” is a worthless day? Call me what you will, but I find the day sexist.

We are living in a society where women struggle everyday to get away from the sex object stereotype. I think “National Cleavage Day” sends the wrong message.

I boycotted the day by wearing a v-neck that doesn’t show my cleavage.

“National Cleavage Day” just adds to the stereotypes and sexism in our culture.

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