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There are some strange products on the market for dogs.

At one time a company called Flat-D Innovations, Inc. was selling a thong for dogs. The thong was designed to make your dogs farts smell better. According to the company website, the product is now discontinued.

Dog Thong

Stop your Dog’s Snoring

Now you can stop your dog from snoring with SnoreStop for pets spray. (Via Doggienews.)

Just for the record, I’m very skeptical of this product and in no way is this post an endorsement for the product.

SnoreStop for Pets

Pawlish Nail Polish For Dogs

Nail Polish For Dogs

I don’t paint my own nails. I’m not about to paint my dog Mya’s nails. (via – Check out the princess pug with the painted nails.)

Sunglasses for Dogs

Sunglasses for dogs

Now they are making sunglasses just for dogs? (Doggles – Via Amazon)

Dog Potty for Dogs
penthouse dog potty

Live in an apartment building? Wish you didn’t have to take your dog out to the bathroom? Now you don’t with the “penthouse dog potty.”

The Chatterbowl Talking Dog Bowl


Record your message (up to 10 seconds) and your voice will play whenever your dog comes to eat or drink. (Purchase via Amazon.)

Fetch the Bubbles

Gazillion Bubbles - Fetch a Bubble
Does your dog love bubbles? Then the Gazillion Fetch a bubble machine is the perfect dog toy for your dog. (Via Amazon)

Pet tattoos

Tattoos for dogs

Petattoos are one of those products that make me go, “You’re kidding right?” I wish I was. Remember those temporary tatoos that use to come in bubble gum when you were a child? Well this is the same concept. Petattoos are temporary pet tattoos for your dog. (Via Pet Science Labs)

Dog fur colorings

pastels for pets
Remember all the controversy around the woman who colored her poodle pink? If you missed it the post is here: Pink Poodle – Boulder says no to pink poodle. Pastels for Pets let you color your dogs hair. (Via

Let not forget these strange dog products that I have blogged about in the pass: Hotdoll Dogs by Clement Eloy and Happy Tail Ale: Beer For Dogs.

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