Real Live Bimbo- Assumptions

Rebutting the rebuttal

Miss Bimbo is an online virtual fashion game. It was developed by Blouzar Ltd., London and the subject of a great deal of controversy last year.

If you recall I wrote a blog post (Boycott Miss Bimbo) back in March of 2008 stating that I hoped they closed the website down. I wasn’t the only one. The Women’s Forum Australia condemned the MissBimbo game, calling for the site to be shut down. (Controversial website.)

Well to my surprise a fellow blogger has rebutted my post in one of his recent posts.(Why doesn’t that surprise me?) Maybe he should of blogged about Beckie Jordan, a 23-year-old woman who started a Ban Miss Bimbo group on Facebook.

His opinion was basically for me to mind my own business and that I shouldn’t go as far to advocate that a game should be banned just because of the way I perceive it.

(I just love it when someone reads a post of mine and jumps to assumptions.)

He mentioned the fact that I’m a Mother in his post, because he wanted to show that one should not advocate banning a website just because they have kids who might use the site.

What he did was write a bias post created on his assumption that my reason for boycotting Miss Bimbo was because my daughter might use the site. (You know what they say about assuming.)

First of all, my daughter is almost 19 years old. She is a grown woman with her own opinion.

I haven’t chosen to boycott Miss Bimbo, because I’m a mother. I have chosen to boycott it, because I’m a woman.

We constantly see women portrayed as sex objects in media. In my opinion, a game like this just ads to the ever growing problem in our society.

Miss Bimbo target demographic is what’s upsetting the most. The site isn’t targeted to women. It’s targeted to young girls.

Now the blogger in question is certainly entitled to his own opinion and I have no problem with him rebutting mine. I just wish he didn’t influence his readerships view in what I see to be an unfair way.

What also ruffled my feathers a tad came from one of his commenter’s that not only called me a stupid woman for having an opinion that differed from hers, but went on to state “I bet her daughter will grow up to be a real life bimbo.” (Quick someone write a parody of Trisha Yearwood – Real Live Woman. Call it Real Live Bimbo.)

What does my daughter have to do with my opinion on a website that I feel ads to our ever growing problem of sexualisation of girls and young women? Sexualisation that ‘harms.’ That is really the subject of my opinion.

What’s your opinion? Is Miss Bimbo harmless or an outrageous influence?

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