Delurk Yourself- Blogging absence

I apologize for my blogging absence. For the last months I have been living a life of chaos.

I haven’t been very active online at all. This has resulted in even memories of my own community wondering where I am.

I’ve just been so incredibly busy with so many things that it leaves me with very little computer time both personal and business.

I have forum replies to respond to, blogs to catch up with, and an inbox full of unreplied to emails.

Starting today the week ahead will be very busy for me.

Today- I’m getting together with friends to celebrate my birthday.

Tomorrow: I have an open house party to go to.

Monday- I have to go out of town with my husband and daughter who is going through some medical testing.

Tuesday- I’m getting together with an old school friend.

Wed – I’m going out of town again. More testing for my daughter.

Thur- Happy 40th Birthday Rose.

Fri- I’m Blogging. ( I hope)

Sat- Birthday get together with friends.

I know I’ve been neglecting this blog, just things have been crazy.

Delurk and tell me you’re still there reading me?

On a final note:

If you believe in prayer, my husband and I both need the prayer of faith and strength at this time.

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