I Remember- Do you Remember

A few days ago on Twitter I was taking part in #iremember. I remember is basically things you remember. For me “I remember” allowed me to reflect on trends, fads and a decade that has past me by. I thought it would be fun to compile a list of things that I remember.

1.  I remember watching Harper Valley PTA on TV.Harper Valley PTA was a 1980s television sitcom based on the country music song.

2. I remember when my father purchased our first color TV.

3. I remember wearing knee high socks and leg warmers over my jeans.

Knee High Socks

4. I remember roller skating rinks and roller skating in the church parking lot.

Roller Skates

5. I remember Atari, and hanging out at video arcades. I wasted a lot of money playing Pac Man.


6. I remember those old Polaroid cameras.

7. I remember 8-track tapes and vinyl records.

kenny rogers record

8. I remember the Christmas my parents bought me a Ghetto Blaster. Do you remember those large Ghetto Blasters?

9. I remember watching Shirley Temple movies with my Mother. Little Princess was my favorite.

The Little Princess

10. I remember my favorite doll. My parents purchased her for me at a Flea Market.

younger me

11. I remember Flea Markets. Not many of them around this area anymore.

12. I remember playing for hours with Tree Tots Treehouse.

tree tots treehouse

13. I remember Popeye Candy cigarettes and spending my allowance on candy.

14. I remember when I thought Shawn Cassidy was cute.

shawn cassidy

15. I remember when I first saw E.T in the movie theater.

16. I remember when I use to watch Donnie & Marie on TV and owned a Donnie and Marie Osmand Doll.

17. I remember the sea monkeys and owning a pet rock.

18. I remember when A&W was a drive-in restaurant.

19. I remember drive-in theaters. There are not many of them left either.

20. I remember when I first saw the Blue Lagoon. It was on an a Beta VCR machine.
blue lagoon

I have a lot of great memories of my childhood and my teens.

What do you remember from decades past?

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