Websites that Pay Writers

I noticed a number of bloggers are writing reviews for websites and products as a way to earn some extra money.  I have compiled a list of websites that pay you to write. I hope you’ll find this list to be helpful.

Associated Content -Rates of pay tend to range between $3-$20.

Helium – You receive a cut of ad revenue based on how popular your posts are and how highly other Helium writers rank your posts.

triond – Money earned on submitted content is based on the popularity of the content and the number of page views. Triond publishes only content that has not been previously published.

ReviewMe – pays as much as $250 to bloggers for reviews of advertisers’ products or websites.

constant-content “Writers who submit their work to Constant Content may write on any topic or subject and name the work’s price. Upload the article to the site and it will remain here until a buyer purchases it.”

Wiseorb – Publishes articles and pays writers from advertising revenue.

Shvoong -Shvoong pays you ten percent of the royalties that are generated from your writing.

Payperpost -PayPerPost pays bloggers to write positive posts about a service or product.

BlogBurst -BlogBurst pays authors when their blogs are syndicated by publishers.

ScooptWords – “Sign up with Scoopt, carry a ScooptWords button on your blog and editors buy content they want to print and you want to sell.”

Day Tipper– who was previously VitaminT will pay you $3.00 for each tip you submit.

eHow– eHow is only for US citizens 18 and older.

Good luck and happy writing!

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