Danger of posting photos of children online

This is one more reason you shouldn’t post your child’s photo online where everyone can see them.

When Jenni Brennan posted photos of her cute seven month old son on her personal blog, I bet she never dreamed that someone would use them in an online scam.

Jenni found her son’s picture on Craigslist as part of what appears to be an adoption scam.

Jenn has since set her blog to private viewing.

The full article can be found at “Mass. mother finds own child advertised for adoption.”

While things like this may not happen everyday, it does happen.
Bloggingmommies knew a mother that posted pictures of her twins on her blog, only to find out that someone else had posted her photos on another blog.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reminds us that “Once an image is posted anywhere on the Internet (even on a profile with private settings), it may never be completely erased from the Internet, even if it is deleted.”

Kimberely Isbell, at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University reminds us to “Only post low-resolutions pictures, which do not enlarge well, or include a digital watermark on our photos.”
(How to safely post pictures of your children online.)

What are your thoughts regarding posting photos of your children online?

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