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My experience with PediPaws.

Meka of recently asked me how I liked the “PediPaws Incredible Pet Nail Trimmer” that I reviewed for her.

Overall, I’m not impressed with PediPaws.

Pedipaws is a battery operated rotary tool, very much like a Dremel for filing your pet’s nails.

I had been wanting to try this product on Mya’s nails for sometime. For many pet owners like myself, trimming your dog’s nails can be a nightmare. I thought Pedipaws would be a great, hassle free way to trim Mya’s nails, without the fear of cutting into the quick of her nail.

Pedipaws is marketed as the incredible fast, easy and gentle way to trim your pet’s nails.

I’ll admit that this product is not as easy to use as they show on TV.

Cons: I wouldn’t say that Pedipaws was incredibly fast. It takes a long time to file 4 nails. You wouldn’t want to do it all in one sitting. I recommend using it a few times a week, that’s if your dog doesn’t go running when you turn Pedipaws on. The loud grinding noise actually scared Mya.

Pros: Pedipaws is convenient for filing sharp nails. It does prevent cutting the nails too close to the quick. The product is inexpensive.

Unfortunately, my Pedipaws is still in the box barely used, because Mya doesn’t like it.

Should you purchase this product? Honestly, I think it depends on your dog.

I hope this review was helpful to you.

Have you used Pedipaws on your pet?


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