Global Forgiveness Day – Just Because

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”- Lewis B. Smedes

Today is a day for forgiveness. August 27th is “Global Forgiveness Day.” It’s a time to forgive those who have done you wrong and mend broken relationships. It’s a day to ask those in your life that you have hurt to forgive you.

Asking for Forgiveness

Once the bonds of trust have been broken, it is the hardest thing to get back. It comes down to taking responsibility for our actions and realizing that when we have caused grief or hurt to another individual; than we must do our part to gain not only their trust again but their respect.

Asking another individual for forgiveness isn’t a sign of weakness.

Think of people in your life that you have hurt. Maybe it is time that you asked for their forgiveness.

“When a deep injury is done us, we never recover until we forgive” – Alan Paton

Forgiving Someone

We all have been hurt, to some extent in our life. It is not always easy to forgive and forget, but forgiveness is important part of life. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean though that you condone their actions. Instead it is about letting go of the hurt.

Steps to forgiveness can be found at “Nine Steps to Forgiveness.”

For more reading on forgiveness, please see “Journey Toward Forgiveness:” (A documentary for ABC TV.)

August 27th is also “Just Because Day.” I think you should buy me a coffee “just because” it’s a nice thing to do.

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