Excuses for not Blogging

Have I been missed? I know that I have been absent from the blogosphere for a long time. I been surprised if I even had a readership left. Any regular readers to my blog still around?

I was reading the blog of Benjamin Cip today and he reminded me of the importance of regular blogging in his post “How To Increase Your Blog Traffic.”

I owe it to my faithful readers (if I have any left) to update my blog regularly. For that I’m sorry, but I do have some reasons excuses for not updating.

Here’s my 6 excuses for not blogging regularly:

1. Blame it on Twitter. Too many tweets and not enough time to blog.

2. Procrastination is becoming a bad habit for me.

3. Life attention. (I’m starting to have a social life.)

4. My daughter ( She moved out in June, but still needs her Mommy)

5. Walking (I’m becoming more active. I go for an hour walk each night.)

6. My dog ate my post.

Seriously though, youโ€™d be amazed at the amount of things that keep one from blogging.

They do say absence makes the heart grow fonder and I know that you are all so very fond of me.

Do you have an excuse that keeps you from blogging?

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