Google is Hiring- Spammed On Twitter

Who wouldn’t want to work for Google? I know I would. Despite the tweets on Twitter, Google is not hiring people to work from home.

Twitter has recently become infested with fake accounts promoting the “Google Work at Home Scam.”

google scam on Twitter

It appears that new accounts are being created every 23 seconds.
The accounts promote a site called, which offers the Google Biz Kit.

If you perform a search in Google for “Google Biz Kit scam” it will return 239,000 results.

On September 1st Jason Morrison who works for Google was on Good Morning America, interviewed for a story about the Google work from home scam.

Jason said in his interview, “Google is not paying people thousands of dollars a week to fill out forms or to post links.” ( That interview can be read at which can be read here at: “Work From Home With Google? Not So Fast“)

Also see: Scam Alert: Google Money Tree is NOT Hiring At-Home Workers

If you’ve been a victim of this scam, I’m interested in hearing your feedback.

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