Spam Harvesting Onlywebsites

Everyday I receive an email from promoting their web design services.  The subject line of the emails reads: “I have redesigned your website.” The emails come from, which forwards to

Only Websites is owned by Daniel Todd. Start digging a little more and Daniel owns, which forwards to

Daniel Todd also owns the domains, and

Last week: Heidi from the company claimed in a telephone conversation that I had with her that the company doesn’t send spam.

Any unsolicited email selling me something I did not opt in to receive is spam.

Today when I called and ask to speak to “Warner Baxter,” I was told that he was on the phone.

I then asked to speak to James Perz, and the secretary immediately asked me if I had received an email with an offer to redesign my website. She went on to ask me if I was interested.

I told her that all I was interested in was having my email removed from “Only Websites” spam list as they had agreed to remove me last week when I called.

The person I spoke to today kept telling me that they didn’t send out spam.

Well the Sales Managers who work for their company do.

“The Project Honey Pot system” has detected behavior from the IP address, and consisting with that of a spam harvester and mail server.”

(See: and

Example Messages Sent From

From: “James Perz” Subject: I have redesigned your website

I warned Heidi last week when I stupidly gave her my email address that if she didn’t remove me from her harvested spam list that I would forward every email I receive from them to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). ( I’m must be stupid for handing over my email address to spam harvesters.)

If you receive spam email from, please forward it to spam (@) You can also file a complaint via

The FTC has decided to take legal steps to deal with spam. They use the unsolicited e-mails stored in their database to pursue law enforcement actions against the spammers.

An anonymous person claiming to be the owner of Only Websites states on ” We always follow the laws and rules of the CAN-SPAM act and act accordingly.”

While may offer an opt-out method, they are not complying with CAN-SPAM, with regards to “harvesting” email addresses.,,,,,,,, and all appear to be associated with”

Anyone considering doing business with should really think twice. Is this the kind of company that you want designing your website?

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