Vanity Award – US Commerce Association Awards

Today I received an award from the “US Commerce Association” (USCA) announcing that my website Today’s Woman has been selected for the 2009 Best of Tullahoma Award in the Internal Medicine Practitioners category. This is humorous as Today’s Woman is not a medical website.

When I researched further I learned that the US Commerce Association was part of a mass distributed award scheme designed to get companies and websites such as Today’s Woman to pay for “vanity” awards (Phony business awards).

US Commerce Association Bogus Award

US Commerce Association Bogus Award

A whois lookup of the domain shows it is registered to one Kelly McCartney and was created in April of 2009. Their domain is registered through GoDaddy.

It’s pretty shady of them to try to sell me a bogus over priced award.

I was offered one of two awards and for just $199 (a reduced price) I can buy both awards. (Not!)

You can’t help, but love the press release they send you to announce your award.

It is sad to think that people actually fall for this vanity scheme.

This reminds me of the “Princeton Premier Registry scheme.” I didn’t fall for that one either.

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