Enter to Win-The Twilight Saga-New Moon

Amazon Wish Lists just turned 10, and their celebrating with 10 weeks of sweepstakes and prices.

Each week you will be able to enter one of 10 “themed Wish List sweepstakes.”

My son is a big fan of the “Twilight series,” so of coarse the first themed Wishlist sweepstakes caught my eye.

This week Amazon is giving customers the chance to enter and win a trip for two to Los Angeles to see the premiere of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.”

If you’ve never heard of “Twilight” then you must have been in hibernation for the last year.

It is easy to enter the sweepstakes.

From October 5 through 11, all you have to do is create, add to, or share a Wish List on Amazon, and you’ll be invited to enter for a chance to win The Twilight Saga: New Moon Premiere Sweepstakes.

For full details see the “Wish List 10th Anniversary Sweepstakes FAQ.”

You must be at least 18 years old to enter the sweepstakes. No purchase is necessary.

Have you seen the Twilight movie? I went with my son to the theatre to see it. It wasn’t bad, but it is more a teen’s movie.

Have you read the Twilight series?

Speaking of Twilight:

Twilight star Robert Pattinson’s life story is being made into a film. Revolver has landed the rights to Robsessed (robsessed.com), a feature-length documentary and plans to release it November 10th just in time for New Moon.

A friend of mine asked me if I thought Rob was sexy.

Heck no! I’m almost old enough to be his mother.

In June the 23-year-old Twilight star was chosen the “Sexiest Man on the Planet” by Britain’s Heat magazine.

Sexiest man on the planet? I don’t think so. (More like a teenage heartthrob.) (Off topic: Who was your teen idol? When I was a teenager my teen idol was Jon Bon Jovi.)

If you are Rob obsessed you can pre-order Robsessed from Amazon.

How times have changed.

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