Happy Canadian Thanksgiving- Thankful For

As I celebrate this Thanksgiving, I’m reminded that it’s about more than being thankful for one day, it is an entire lifetime. There is much to be thankful for.

I’m thankful for the life I have been given. I am thankful for all the difficult and rough moments that have come my way. I’m thankful that I have had the strength to meet these challenges of life.

I’m thankful for the mistakes I’ve made, because if it were not for them lessons would not have been learned.

I’m thankful for having a profound understanding that it is more important to give than to receive.

I’m thankful for the five weeks I had with my baby girl, even though her life was taken to soon.

I’m thankful for the special bond I had with my mother.

I’m thankful for my children who have given me a reason to live.

I am thankful for my husband, Shawn, who is my everything.

I’m thankful for wet kisses from my dogs.

I’m thankful for the four seasons.

I’m thankful that in the midst of my tears there are those who care enough about me to try to get a smile.

I’m thankful that I had parents who loved me.

I’m thankful for each sweet memory that death can not take away.

I’m thankful for tears. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be unfeeling.

I’m thankful that I found God when all faith in him was gone.

I’m thankful for all that life has given me.

Smile, you’re happier than you think, because there is much in life to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for?

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