End Fat Talk- Together we can change the world

Let me ask you this: Do you allow your weight to define you? Have you allowed others negative comments shape the way you view yourself? Do you partake in negative fat talk?

For those who don’t know: Fat talk is a behavior among mostly women where we feel pressured to say negative things about our own body.

Fat talk has a huge impact on women’s self esteem and that is why Tri Delta launched Fat Talk Free Week which started today and continues throughout the week.

“Fat Talk Free Week is an international, 5-day public awareness effort to draw attention to body image issues and the damaging impact of the thin ideal on women in society.”

A 2007 study found that – “Because women feel pressured to follow the fat talk norm, they are more likely to engage in fat talk with other females.” (Female ‘fat talk’ socially mandatory, study finds)

Let’s face it, we are our own worst critic. We all focus on things we dislike about our body. We all say negative things about our body. Some of us more than others, but we all do it.

Today I’m encouraging all bloggers to pledge to yourself that you will stop complaining about your body. Today, I signed the promise form. No more fat talk for me! I urge you to do the same.

My goal: It won’t be easy, but I’m going to learn to love myself and my body.

For more info on Fat Talk Week please see http://www.endfattalk.org

Also check out Operation Beautiful, a website started by blogger Caitlin Boyle.

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