C-String Invisible Underwear

The following blog post contains material of an adult nature. Do not read if easily offended.

There is the ever so popular thong, the g-string and now the C-String. The C-String is a new innovation in lingerie that was first introduced in 2007 in Las Vegas.

The product that resembles half of a panty liner with a piece of wire attached to it is designed to be worn as underwear. (Invisible underwear!)

The c-string has no straps at all, so when you put it on, it just clings to your body.

I’m guessing that the c-string would be very uncomfortable. How would one even keep the c-string on? I’m guessing by doing the butt cheek clench.

The c-string can also be worn as swim wear. (I think not!)

C-string Lingerie

Personally, I wouldn’t wear one. Ladies would you wear the C-string?

I think I’ll file this post under my strange category.

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