Plagiarism of articles- Sold as PRL articles

Advice: Before you use any PLR Article, run them through or perform a Google search to see if they are plagiarized.

Recently I found out that three articles, which I had written were submitted to various online article directories under the name William B. Doyle. I was shocked when I found out that Doyle had submitted these articles under his name.

William B. Doyle had submitted “2626” articles to, most of them not written by him. He is now claiming that he purchased these articles as PLR articles (Private label right articles.)

According to his page he claims that the articles, including mine were presented to him as Private Label Rights (PLR) articles to be used however he saw fit. (Neither of the three articles that I wrote were PLR articles. They were reprint articles that I had previously submitted to article directories. I didn’t give away rights to these articles.)

William states that he hired someone from to submit the articles to article directories on his behalf.

It was the responsibility of William to check for plagiarism before he hired someone to submit the articles to article directories. This was highly unethical of him. He infringed on my copyright.

I emailed William twice to inform him of such infringement. He hasn’t bother to reply to either of my emails.

It upsets me greatly that the individual who sold my articles as PLR articles made money from my writing. It upsets me that William made money from my writing.

I’m still waiting for Doyle to inform me of where he purchased the articles.

I recommend that authors do a Google search on their article titles to see if any have been plagiarized.

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