Yearbook Yourself- Funny Yearbook Photos of Rose DesRochers

We all have the embarrassing yearbook photo of ourselves from our school days, but did you ever wonder what you would have looked like if you grew up in a different era.

Now you can find out. Yearbook Yourself morphs your picture into a classic look. Choose a look from 1950 – 2000.

Rose DesRochers in 1958
Take a look at the yearbook photo I created for the year 1958.

Yearbook Yourself

I spent a long time on the site playing around with different looks. I can’t decide what one I like better. The last photo it from 1968. You’ve got to love the hippy look. Hair styles have certainly changed throughout the years too. There is even a “student life’ section at where you can upload pictures of yourself and friends. I tried out some of the images in the “student life” section. Don’t I look cute?

I always wanted to be a cheerleader.

The “Yearbook Yourself” application now offers new and exclusive photos only available for your iPhone.

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