H1N1 Flu and Halloween

I hope my readers have a Happy Halloween. If you’re taking the children out trick or treating tonight remember be sure to bundle up, stay in well-lit areas and bring some hand sanitizer along.

Drivers also please be careful of children out and about.

The H1N1 flu is putting quite the scare in Halloween. ( Note my comment regarding bringing hand sanitizer along with you.)

Health officials concerned with H1N1 safety this Halloween have some tips to pass along. (See H1N1 guide for Halloween.)

I can understand why parents are concerned about the H1N1 virus this Halloween.

Will you be handing out candy this Halloween? What’s everyone’s plans for the evening? Shawn, my son and I are going to rent a few movies, sit back and just relax.

Speaking of H1N1 I received my shot yesterday. ( I have sore arm from the shot.) Has anyone else received the H1N1 vaccine? Do you plan on getting your children vaccinated against H1N1?

Have a Spooktacular Halloween.


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