Sesame Street Trivia- Sesame Street 40th anniversary

“Can you tell me how to get
How to get to Sesame Street”

Sesame Street was a part of my childhood and if you’re under 40 it was likely a part of your childhood too.

If you’ve used Google lately then you know that “Sesame Street” has taken over Google’s Doodle! Google will be using “Sesame Street Doodles” until Nov. 10 in celebration of the show’s 40th season. Sesame Street first premiered on November 10, 1969. It’s hard to believe “Sesame Street” has been around for 40 years.

Commemorating their 40th anniversary a new DVD “Sesame Street: 40 Years of Sunny Days,” is set to be released Nov 10th.

Sesame Street: 40 Years of Sunny Days

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1996: Original Tickle Me Elmo

Does anyone remember the “Tickle Me Elmo” phenomenon? It was the must-have toy for Christmas 1996. “Tickle Me Elmo” would begin to laugh and shake when squeezed 3 times in a row. On Ebay that year “Tickle Me Elmo” was selling for as much as $1,000.

Sesame Street Trivia

How tall is Big Bird?

Big Bird is 8’2″ tall

When was the count born?

The Count was born on 9 October 1830653 B.C.

What is the name of Oscar the Grouch’s pet worm?

Oscar the Grouch’s pet worm is named Slimey.

What is the name of Big Bird’s teddy bear, the one he sleeps with?

Radar is Big Bird’s teddy bear on Sesame Street.

Ever stop to wonder where your favorite “Sesame Street” character came from? Check out “The Quick 10: The Origins of 10 of Your Favorite Muppets.”

Who was your favorite “Sesame Street” character?

My daughter loved ” Elmo” and “Cookie Monster.” My husband does a fabulous “Cookie Monster” impersonation.

“C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me.”

He dressed up as “Cookie Monster” for my daughters 5th birthday, maybe it was her 6th. Anyhow, her birthday is in July so you can imagine how hot it was in that suit.

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