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Adeel Chowdhry, Bobby Walker ‘Mass Article Control’ and Pl Article Shop’

Warning: I advice you not to purchase “Adeel Chowdhry’s Mass Article Control and Submission software” or articles from before reading this post.

‘Adeel Chowdhry’ and ‘Bobby Walker’ of purchased 90,000 + articles from “PLR Articles Shop.” The articles were plagiarized. Unaware of this they included these plagiarized articles as a bonus with their “Mass Article Control software.” made $973,974.80 in 3 Months- $1300 plus a Day. They made money unknowingly including a 90000 PLR (Private Label Rights) article bonus package in the sale of their product. They may have just given away one of your articles.

“Mass Article Submission” combined with Mass article Control is being sold for $77.00.

I contacted ‘Adeel Chowdhry’ today to inform him that he was unknowingly giving away my articles as part of his “Mass Article Control” package. This is what he had to say in his reply email to me.

Adeel Chowdhry writes:

“The articles were purchased through an online vendor:

As long as they inform us otherwise we shall continue to use them Rose.


Anyone reading this I advice you NOT to purchase the ‘Mass Article Control’ or ‘Mass Article Submission software’ until you know for sure that the articles being offered are actually PLR articles.

I also advice you not to purchase articles from is selling the plagiarized articles in their over 95,000 PLR article download package for $67.00.

‘Adeel Chowdhry’ states that neither him nor ‘Bobby Walker’ can be held responsible for giving away my plagiarized articles. They may have given away these articles unknowingly, but they must still take some responsibility here.

‘Adeel Chowdhry’ suggested I purchase a package of articles from “PLR Articles Shop” for just $67.00 to see if my articles are indeed in the package.

I don’t need to purchase the package. I know my articles were in there. I have already found them submitted to various directories under 3 different names.

William Doyle who I first found out was using my articles back in October informed me by both email and by a comment left on the following post: “Plagiarism of articles- Sold as PRL articles” that he purchased the package from Adeel Chowdhry.

(William thank you for coming forward and informing me of where you purchased the articles. William has contacted all 19 directories where he submitted the articles and requested that they be removed.)

‘Adeel Chowdhry’ now informs me that that he nor ‘Bobby Walker’ own “Mass Article Control” any longer. He put the site up for sale on October 27th, just 12 days ago, however ‘Bobby Walker’ said in an email that they sold “Mass Article Control” much earlier than that. If they did in fact sell the company before October 27th then why would they put it up for sale on an auction site after they sold it? is registered to Koolah Solutions. The administrative contact is Peter Claridge.

Someone named Simon apparently owns He has informed me that he has looked over the site and cannot find any reference to articles or an article pack that contains any of my articles. ( What about the 90,000 other articles belonging to other authors?)

It is upsetting to know that several people have unknowingly submitted plagiarized articles to article directories. They purchased the articles from ‘Adeel Chowdhry’ of who unknowingly purchased the articles from Peter Claridge of who is selling plagerized articles as PLR articles.

I’m still furthering investigating things and will update this post as soon as I learn more.

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