Help for your Colicky Baby- Colic Calm

Now comes a new product to help with infant colic- Colic Calm Gripe Water.

My first born daughter was a colicky baby. I remember the sleepless nights, the hours and hours of crying and the frustration of being unable to sooth her. Turns out like most colicky babies she had reflux problems. You can imagine what it was like to be a new mom faced with a colicky baby.

If you’re like most parents with a colicky baby you are desperate to relieve your baby’s gas. Well now there is a product on the market that will do just that.

I recently stumbled upon “Colic Calm Gripe Water,” which provides gas relief for infants. “Colic Calm gripe water” is a homeopathic medicine that is FDA regulated.

Colic Calm

“Colic Calm gripe water” contains no alcohol, which can be harmful to babies. This is great.

One of the reasons I never gave my daughter gripe water is because many of the gripe waters on the market contained alcohol.

Now personally I have never used “Colic Calm Gripe Water” however after reading all the testimonials from parents, I can say that “Colic Calm Gripe Water” is the natural remedy for acid reflux that parents are choosing for their colicky baby. If you need convincing that “Colic Calm Gripe Water” actually works then check out some of the testimonials on from parents who have had success with the product.

Where can you purchase “Colic Calm Gripe Water?”

You can also order ” Colic Calm Gripe Water” from the “Colic Calm” website.

I wish “Colic Calm” was around 19 years ago. I’m a colic veteran though. I survived a colicky baby!

Statistics indicate that 26% of babies will have ‘infant colic,’ but what causes colic?

It is not known what causes colic, but it is believed multiple factors can result in your baby developing colic.

Read more about what causes colic, the symptoms of colic and about the product “Colic Calm Gripe Water” at

Did any of your children suffer from Colic?

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